MLS elevationMany of you are probably looking for some answers regarding moving in to your new place. I get a lot of questions about this and hopefully I have some of your answers here.

Possession Date: Your Possession Date is the date on Page 3/Point 2 of your offer (unless you have arranged some other date and have separate documentation signed by both you and the builder). Please note this date is not necessarily your Move-In Date.
An EdgeCorp representative will call you prior to your possession date to schedule your orientation walk-through including the signing of the Possession Certificate and receiving your keys.

Move-In Date: Your Move-In Date is the date you have a reserved elevator for moving in your furniture etc. (it may or may not be the same as your Possession Date).
A Stevenson Management representative will call you prior to your possession date to reserve the elevator for your move in – this date will be decided between you & Stevenson based on the availability of the elevator and your preferred date.
If your Move-In Date is after your Possession Date, you can still move in small items but you will NOT have a reserved elevator.

You can expect a call from the below Edgecorp and Stevenson in the weeks leading up to these primary dates. If you would like to call to schedule in advance, please contact Sheri Gustafson (EdgeCorp) at 204-223-0346 or Kerri Melnyk (Stevenson) at 204-934-6227.

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