The first rule in choosing a Winnipeg real estate agent

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Looking for a real estate agent in Transcona or the Kildonans? Choose wisely.

You have many things to consider when choosing a real estate agent in Winnipeg to help you purchase or sell a home, but the very first one is this:  Choose an agent who is familiar with the area where you plan to buy or sell.

The agents at Kehler Realty Ltd. know Winnipeg real estate as well as anyone in the city, but we have additional experience and expertise in the Transcona and Kildonan neighbourhoods and surrounding areas.

It’s easy to be lured by fancy advertising, and it’s easy to give in to pressure from friends or family who want you to use someone they know or love. But if that agent isn’t familiar with the homes in the area in question, you won’t get the representation you deserve.

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First – the listing. Your agent needs to interpret sales data to determine the proper price for your home. And while it’s true that the numbers are there in MLS, if the agent has never seen any of the homes in question, he or she won’t know if they are comparable to yours.

In addition, that agent may mistakenly use sales statistics from a nearby neighborhood that isn’t at all comparable to the neighborhood in which you want to buy or sell.

Buyers also need an agent who is familiar with the territory. Part of the reason is for pricing. If he or she doesn’t know if a price is in keeping with neighborhood values, you could pay far too much for your new home.

But there’s more to it than that. An agent who knows the neighbourhood will be able to tell you if new developments are planned that could affect future values. He or she can also answer lifestyle questions such as “How far to the nearest gym?” and “Is there a dog boarding facility near here?”

Because we know Winnipeg, and have advanced knowledge based on years of experience in the Transcona and Kildonan neighbourhoods, we can answer those questions. But Cousin Joe who lives on the other side of the city, probably cannot. Don’t choose them just because they “need” your business or because it would make a friend or relative happy.

Real estate is far too serious and your investment much too large to entrust to someone who is not familiar with the neighbourhoods you are considering, someone who might not know the things you need to know in order to make a wise decision.

If you’re looking for real estate in Transcona, the Kildonan neighbourhoods and/or surrounding areas, we can provide valuable advice based on years of additional experience in these areas of Winnipeg.

Call today: (204) 222-0149.

Wishing you and your family a warm, safe and wonderful holiday season!

Jeremy Kehler

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