(November 2017)

We would like to say a big congratulations to Art Kehler as he celebrates 50 years of service in the Real Estate industry! It is uncommon these days to talk to a business professional who has been working in the same industry for such a long time.

Art is a very kind and caring business professional and when you’re making one of the most important decisions of your lifetime, you want someone you can trust. Art Kehler truly enjoys meeting and working with people. He enjoys the challenge of helping individuals and families and considers it a privilege assisting clients in finding a property they can call home. Art is always ready for a conversation and shows genuine interest in his clients.

Art Kehler was born and raised near the town of Lowe Farm, MB. He later moved to Winnipeg and in 1967 Art joined a small real estate firm and began his career in Real Estate. Two years later Art became a partner in Checker Board Realty. In 1969 Art and Susie were married and in 1971 they chose Transcona as the community to purchase their first home and enjoy their life together. In 1972 Art opened Kehler Realty and purchased office space at 132 Regent Ave W.

Over the many years of service Kehler Realty has offered employment to a number of real estate agents and all contributed to the success of the company. Art is known for his integrity, honesty and his willingness to offer guidance and assistance whenever needed. Art has also been known to help less experienced realtors without benefiting himself. He always sees the bigger picture.

Art and Susie have three married children and 9 grandchildren whom all live in Transcona. The Kehler family is a familiar part of Transcona’s strong history and bright future. Art has had the privilege of working with his daughter Shaylene who worked a realtor in 1994 until 2004 when she left to raise her growing family. Shaylene’s husband Robert Unger is currently enjoying a career in real estate with Kehler Realty since 2010. Jeremy Kehler has been working with the company since 2002. In 1999 Gus Miller, a long-time Transcona resident and former owner of Millers School of Music decided to go into Real Estate and as a close friend of Art, joined the firm.

Art’s wife and kids fondly remember the days before the internet, cell phones and fax machines. They knew the importance of answering the phone for their dad and paging him important messages from his clients. They remember the family vacations when Art wasn’t always truly away from work, he usually had a pocket full of quarters so he could make calls from pay phones to check back his messages. On especially long work days the kids would wait patiently for him to get home, but he would often surprise them with a late-night treat of spring rolls or donuts! Art has a tremendous memory and his family jokes about his ability to recall customers names by reciting their address, floor plan, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and who built the home. Today the Kehler family is very proud of Art’s accomplishments. The Kehler Realty team embraces the benefits of technology but pays special attention to personal service.

Art loves meeting all kinds of wonderful people at different stages and circumstances of their life. He truly enjoys helping people whether during happy or difficult times. He loves the challenge and the reward in serving a satisfied customer. It is evident that honesty, integrity and trust are the foundations that produced the years of success Kehler Realty has enjoyed. The business is built on referrals and repeat customers; strong honest service from solid people.

Art sees a strong future as Kehler Realty continues to offer clients quality service with integrity and honesty. He recognizes that being a great realtor is not always working a sale or getting a listing, it is about doing right by our clients.

Congratulations Dad on 50 years of solid service! We are all very proud of you!

(some content from “The Kehler Realty Story” – The Transcona Biz Bullet June 2014)